Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fight between Blogs - Round 12 (Latest results!)

Eh? How come today looks a little bit gloomy eh? Aiseh-man...! :p

Ting Ting! Round 12!


122 visitors over 91!

Andrew Ooi 122, two superheroes 91! (superheroes lose...!!!)

Hey Andrew, where have you been?? Been waiting for you to comeback sooo long! :p

Good to have you back man! Otherwise we were starting to get bored with winning already...hehe!

Good fight!

And so, the fight for the blog with the most visitors for the month of Nov as measured with Site meter continues!


Andrew Ooi said...

Oh I have been to Klang to find more Kryptonite. That's why I beat on Round 12. Don't worry. There's more Kryptonite from where it came from :D

twosuperheroes said...

haiyoo.. kasihan la u andrew.. no need to seksa2 kan diri la :p...

u sure 'win' punya :P