Thursday, November 15, 2007

What a BUSY day at the Government's office...!

Yesterday, the two superheroes were out the whole day saving the world. It was a looooooooong day waiting some necessary government approval for this-lah and for that-lah before they can start to save the world in a whole new way. *hehe..we'll let you guys know later... :p

The most tiring thing was yesterday's long queue! You know things work when you're dealing with legal stuff. We have to walk and stand still..walk a bit more, go to this and that counter...and start waiting again for a long long time. (Fuh!)
In a way, it's like a human traffic jam! :p
Wah, so tired ah...!! hehe..

P/S : But yesterday, despite all that, your two friendly neighbourhood superheroes still managed to watch the Bee Movie..!! haha. ( Yeah, so maybe Superhero S will bring some review about it later on ) :p

Oh. Before I forget...on 14/11/2007...our "baby" was born! Say hi to Eastern Pride!