Friday, August 29, 2008

CBC Steamboat Restaurant at Taman Cheras

A couple of weeks ago, the two superheroes finally met up again with Superhero S' sis, Winnie and her knight in shining armour, Kit for a dinner meeting in her area. She suggested that we head over to CBC Steamboat at Cheras Business Centre, Taman Cheras for some really yummylicious steamboat that she'd usually frequent with Kit.

And so, we flew over to the steamboat restaurant late evening to indulge in some good company and good food! We were probably a little early as we were among the first few to arrive. Just as we were seated, they came to take our orders. We left all the ordering to the regulars, and decided to just sit back and relax. Haha.

But I must say, this restaurant is located beautifully around the corner lot, which gives it ample space for the tables. Love the ambience as well, as it was really windy, and the soft breeze was just an added bonus when eating steamboat as it can get rather hot with all the hot soup and boiling! :p

As this is not a buffet style steamboat, the orders are based on per person basis. There were four of us, so the two of them decided to order for three person's portion. It was a good thing they didn't order for four because the portion for three was just perfect! There were a mixed variety of super soft and bouncy fishballs (ridiculously delicious!), fried tauke, fish slices, bean curds, yam slices, golden mushrooms, vegetables, dried yee mee, eggs and etc. You can make additional orders out of the menu as well. We decided to opt out from seafood as all of us have allergic reactions to it, except for Superhero W. Awww.... too bad! Haha.

The soup base is also pretty light, especially the tom yam. Not the super hot and spicy type that would sting the back of your throat, but rather the sweeter type with a subtle hint of spicyness and sourness. We absolutely love it! As I'd usually skip on the tom yam, I find the clear soup base really tasty as well! I almost wanted to drink up the whole soup! (Superhero S is crazy over hot soups, you see... :p)

Overall, it was just a beautifully simple meal here, nothing fancy, nothing extravagant, but works just right for us! The service was also really good as they kept refilling our soup and came over to check on us if everything's okay. And their good food and good service is reflected in their number of customers that day. It was just an ordinary night on a week day, and they were packed! The people just kept coming... and coming! Not bad indeed...

The bill came up to about RM14 per person, including a pot of tea. I can't wait to come back here, especially for their unforgettably delicious fish balls! Oh my... Undeniably the best ones I've tasted! Haha. But if you're someone who prefers going to all-you-can-eat buffet steamboats, we'd recommend you Restoran Hoi Tong at Seri Kembangan. THE best steamboat buffet ever! But that's for another time... :p

Sis, when are we going again?? Haha.


Jason Lioh said...

Hoi Tong sucks lah. :P

twosuperheroes said...

We love Hoi Tong! :p

Tekkaus said...

Wow! Seems really finger linkin good from here. Light tom yam soup base? Sounds like malboro lite? Just kidding. Anyway, would love to try it out when got time. =)

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..finger lickin' good indeed, tekkaus! :p

sisterofheaven said...

i always go to Flaming Steamboat or something.. just next to Sunway Pyramid building.. below Sun Inn Hotel..

cost me around rm18.90 per person..
and i go there bringing knorr tomyam cubes and chicken soup cube.. LOL!

but i like it :D from seafoods, too all the yong tau fu thingy, fried wantan, nasi goreng, at least 3-4 types of drinks unlimited, 6 types of ice creams.. and if u're lucky - chocolate fountain for dippings :D

yummy :D

and its halal.. LOL!