Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dumpling Mee Suah Soup

After such a long merdeka weekend back home in Malacca, the two superheroes were so reluctant to fly back to KL to carry on life as usual. Haha. It was a foodie marathon at home because Superhero Bro was back from Florida and his great adventure across Las Vegas, San Francisco, California, and more. So we were all excitedly bugging with for the gifts that he had bought for us all. More about that later! :p

For now, back to more foodie!
So just before the long break, Superhero S decided to experiment with some gyoza skin to make dumplings. So instead of using the usual "sui kow" skin, she wanted to see how the gyoza skin would actually differ. Not knowing that the gyoza skin would be thicker than the sui kow's, she started making the fillings for the dumplings. Haha. Expecting disaster eh? *wink wink*

This time around, I decided to marinate the chicken+prawn filling with light soy sauce, sesame oil, maggi seasoning, white pepper and salt. Yes, call me crazy but I was in full adventurous mode and decided to experiment with the different concoction of tastes! Added some finely chopped carrots and fungus to add to the sweetness and crunchiness. Haha. Hope the dumplings are still edible! *sweating*

Here they are, just before it goes into the boiling pot of water...

Cooked some mee suah with chicken soup base and some bayam (or spinach) to go compliment the dumplings. Admitedly, the gyoza is actually supposed to be fried a la Japanese gyoza style but Superhero S figured that since gyoza is in her opinion, just a different version of the dumpling, the same skin can be used for making those delicate dumplings. Haha.

a little flashback of my first sui kow...

The skin was obviously less delicate than the sui kow she has made previously, which was why she couldn't make those little pleats in the first place and had to settle for the plain version. But it still tastes good! Albeit a bit thicker, but still delicious and the good thing is, the skin is far less vulnerable to break. Haha. Good... :p

I decided to make only a handful of dumplings, 8 to be exact (4 for Superhero S, and 4 for Superhero W) for this soupie version. I made another 13 for the fried version, which I had actually forgotten to take some pictures of its results. Haha. Sorry about that. The fried dumplings obviously tasted better as it's thicker skin lent a super crunchy bite to it.

So probably for the soupie version, I'll stick to the sui kow skin; but for the fried version, I'd most probably go for the gyoza skin instead! Haha. But hey, I'm actually pretty happy with the results from this experiment really! Haha.


babe_kl said...

wah look so dahsyat!!! yumyum

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..thanks babe! Just perfect for the cold weather eh? :p

Bengbeng said...

this looks like something i shud try to cook myself some time. of coz wat i cook always never come out as good as wat i c on the net like yrs :) but i will try it. it looks good n not too difficult . i think hahahahahah

twosuperheroes said...

Hi lah, we're amateurs as well, not chef material still! Haha. I'm sure you can cook this very well too.. very easy :)

Tekkaus said...

Wow! I really enjoy hanging out at here. As I do cook once in a while, I'll try to curi some idea from you guys. Muahaha. By the way, you guys are from Malacca? Same here! orang kampung! =)

twosuperheroes said... lah, we're still learning when it comes to cooking too. And yeah, Superhero S is from Malacca. So we'd usually travel back there every fortnight. :)