Friday, March 21, 2008

Go to Jasmine Deli for unbelieveably cheap food!

Now this is why we love Malacca so much.

Besides getting some much deserved peace of mind here, we get MORE food with LESS the usual amount of money! Yay!! Yeah, call us cheap but we love cheap food as long as it's tasty. Haha. :p

Superhero Mum thought we should try the newly-opened Jasmine Deli in Ujong Pasir. Just situated next to our favourite Auntie Lee Nyonya restaurant (which serves the BEST Nyonya food around!), Jasmine Deli is actually opened by Auntie Lee's daughter! :p

Because of that, we're pretty sure Jasmine Deli's offerings will fare pretty good with the locals. When we reached there, it was really crowded. A quick glance at the menu pasted on the wall shows that the price range is between RM 1 - RM 3.80. Yeah... so cheap rite???

Superhero S ordered their signature Char Koey Teow...

while Superhero W decided to try their Nasi Lemak...

The Char Koey Teow is pretty good actually. Now if only they could've served the koey teow on some banana leaves, it would've been perfect! Even though this Char Koey Teow may not be the best one I've tasted, but for the RM 2.50 you pay, it's really worth it! :p

The Nasi Lemak, priced at RM 2.50 however does not fare as well as expected. The ones we've had at Wisma Cosway and Menara HLA in KL is still THE best Nasi Lemaks around.

Since everything is just so unbelieveably cheap in this shop, we decided to order MORE food! Haha. We ordered 2 sets of half-boiled eggs, priced at RM 1 per set. Can you believe it ah? RM 1???!!!! Normally it would cost us RM 1.60, if not more to get a set of half-boiled eggs! This is so cheap!!!

For drinks, Superhero S ordered Cincau, priced at RM 1 (yes!). The Cincau turned out to be Cincau Sirap which was pretty refreshing really! Yummmmmm.... Haha.

Sadly, Superhero W's Nescafe Ais turned out to be very bland and watery. Bleark!

Overall, Jasmine Deli is the place to go for really cheap and reasonable food. Play safe and just go for their signature dishes like the Char Koey Teow and Nyonya Laksa. We'll definitely return for the cheap food and nice, relaxing kopitiam atmosphere here. Love it! Haha.


Xanydude said...

wow, from KL to Malacca to get some good food... you guys really love your food!

My girlfriend has been asking me to head down to her home town Malacca for ages to eat the food and visit Jonker street.

And I remember my uncle telling me that in his time, it cost 20sen for a bowl of noodles there...

Nick Phillips said...

I just came from 2 other blogs that were discussing food and now I end up here and there's more food and I'm getting absolutely hungry right now ... LOL!

Wow, RM2.50 for char koey teow? That is cheap! Must make a trip to Malacca one of these days ...

twosuperheroes said...

Hey dude, Superhero S is from Malacca too! You should follow your gf down Malacca lah. LOTSA good and cheap food around. Which is why we go back to Malacca once in every fortnight - for the food and for Superhero Mum! :p

Hey Nick, thanks for dropping by! Haha..yup. RM 2.50 for a nice big plate of char koey teow. Worth it rite??? :p