Thursday, November 15, 2007 this was what happened to SMART Tunnel..!!

Being disappointed with the closure of SMART tunnel for 2 consecutive days now (see related post), I googled every single thing that reports about SMART tunnel. Then, when I went to The Star Online ,I found this small piece of report "Flood diversion causes Smart tunnel to close" - reported today (15/11). Here's what it said :

< ----- KUALA LUMPUR: The Smart tunnel has been closed because of flood diversion.

Its management company, Syarikat Mengurus Air Banjir dan Terowong Sdn Bhd, advised motorists to tune in to the radio stations to get the latest updates on the situation.

A spokesman said the tunnel closed at 6pm on Tuesday after the Drainage and Irrigation Department (JPS) notified them of the dangerous water level there due to storm rain and river water.

It required the tunnel to switch to flood diversion mode, he said.

The main objective of the tunnel is to divert floodwater from the city. The secondary objective is to ease traffic jam.

“The water level was serious enough that, if the flood diversion was not conducted, Dataran Merdeka could have been submerged in water,” the spokesman said when contacted last night.

He added they were waiting for the nod from JPS to reopen the tunnel.

“We hope motorists will heed our advice via the print media, radio stations and the Variable Message Signs,” he said.

The public could also call the infoline at 1300-88-7188. --->" ....

But why is JPS still not nodding their head yet..?? Open-lah..hehehe... :p