Thursday, November 15, 2007

HOW TO Surf Better Using WAP GPRS.. (useful tips!)

Below are some tricks to help you surf better (& faster!) using WAP GPRS (if you haven't already know) :

1 - Switch off the multimedia function in your handphone browser setup [ eg. Image - Off (Hide) ]

2 - Be patient when scrolling down the page in your handphone because some phones have a smaller display screen. You don't want your hp to hang do you?

3 - When you open a site and think you will return to that site again, store the page or its url. (bookmark it - b'cos you don't want to waste time scrolling back to the page you want)

You can configure the url by adding "/&_gwt_pg=8&_gwt_noimg=1" at the back off any url.
----> "_gwt_pg=8" is for the page you want to go
----> "_gwt_noimg=1" is for when you don't want to display images on that site

Hope this helps ya! :p

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