Thursday, November 15, 2007

If you love cookies, wait till you see THIS..!!

Because after you see these cookies, you'll love them even more!
You know..the two superheroes absolutely adore cookies...yum yum!!

Sinfully good..and you just can't help it especially during those festive seasons when every house you go, they serve you those ultra-delicious cookies!! *Oh yeah... Most cookies, after having too much of them, makes you feel so terribly fat and unhealthy!

But hey, check out what we found! San Francisco Cookies...!!
These all natural cookies make the most perfect little titbits for your festive seasons! :p

Well, since Christmas is coming, we figure these oh-so-delicious, award winning gourmet cookies make the best Christmas cookies ever! So beautifully packed (you can give them away as gifts!) and they use only premium ingredients AND most importantly the cookies are all LOADED with CHOCOLATES!!! Imagine those chocolate chip cookies..! (oh! melts...!)

So hey, maybe you can try them!
I want one too!!!
Superhero W, you know what to do eh...! :p