Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gimme..gimme..gimme more!

L'abeille just tagged us with her top 6 questions that she has to answer again and again.. So, since she has been such a sweetie pie, we shall complete this mission (with a twist) as been given to us two incredibly friendly neighbourhood superheroes! Aye aye, captain!

Well, This is our version : The top 6 killer questions that we would most like to ask ourselves. Bring it on! Let the countdown begin.

No.6 - When are we buying our W55??
Ai seh man...We got time, we got enough $, and we love W55, but...dunno la..lazy is one thing, another thing is, we're so nervous about playing parents to our future beloved W55! But dun worry, W55, we will bring you home with us by Nov. That's a promise!

No.5 - When is Superhero S going to dump her Samsung E720-C??
I just can't bear to lose her! I love my samsung baby...But she's turning on and off whenever she likes. What a manja phone...sigh. Soon. That's all I can say. Soon. (related post for my phone)

No.4 - When are we going to eat the Renaissance Ramadhan buffet??
I know the food is yum..I know it's gonna be an avalanche of food there...but but..hiya..We're worried that the food maybe too much to handle ar. Then if we just eat a little bit, like everything not worth it. (eh, rhymes eh? hehe) We'll think about it la..really. Gimme time. (related post about buffet)

No.3 - When are we going Singapore to shop?
Aiya, told you already year during the Great Singapore Sale! ( so long time some more) Dun bluff me you know...I will remember.

No.2 - When can I wear my Levi's jeans again?
This is a hard one. Lemme think think. Well, once your waist goes back to 26, then can wear already lo..Now also can wear what, only a little bit tight and sexy.. (*blushing)

No.1 - When are we getting married?
(Superhero S looks at Superhero W) So, when? Ah..erm..uh...hmm... Tomorrow. Tomorrow.
(comment by Superhero W : go ATM first, wait ah.. :) 143 )

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L'abeille said...

Wah hahaha...banyak bagus! Tomorrow getting married! right???

twosuperheroes said...

haha..blush blush.. :p