Friday, October 5, 2007

Dr House in your house

Why?? How?? What?? are you kidding me?
hehehe.. yes, Dr House is back! Did you know House Season 4 has been on air since last month? Opss! Sorry, we are in Malaysia not in US .. :D .. so sad because we can't catch the latest season on our television.

But, I also haven't watch the first episode of House Season 4 yet but I've just got episodes 1 and 2 in hand just now. Tonight Superhero S and I will watch it together. ( Superhero S likes this series very much, she makes me feel the same :D ~ADDICTED .. help~) ..

I still don't know what will happen since Dr House fired Chase (oops! spoiler...hehe) at the Season 3 Finale few months ago. But I heard that Chase, Cameron and Foreman are still in this Season.. hurm, can't wait to watch it tonight..

Actually, my Superhero S is very very busy today. So she doesn't have time to jot something in this blog :D .. so I have to take the responsibility for this blog for today.. hehe.. And this weekend we'll fly to Malacca to have some rest there ( so tired saving the world ... need some break also )

So, hope you guys can go find House Season 4 and watch it and we can share the story here... Hahaha..If you have watched it already, give me some clue la.. :D ... hahaha...

p/s :: Don't support piracy but if people are willing to share it with u, just take it.. Take it as a present.. hehe.. Gud Dayy !!