Monday, October 8, 2007

Superhero S is back!!

The sun is shinning perfectly today - not too bright, a little shaded by the clouds, exuding a warm, cosy light that feels so comfortable.. Ahh....

The signs that this is a good week. Hahahahahahahahah ( I'm sooo happy!!) Superhero S had been too busy saving the lives of many in her undercover job as part of the creative team in one of the world's most dangerous field known as advertising. Her brain was squeezed to the last drop and she was left too weak to even stroll in her two superheroes blog last Friday.

Thankfully there was Superhero W to support her noble duties in updating their two superheroes blog to write about House. Muaks! Muaks muaks muaks! hehe.

But fear not my fellow friends in this friendly neighbourhood, because Superhero S is back!

**Superhero S stands atop her office's bungalow in a red shirt and black capri pants (that's what she's wearing now)...oh..and her red blanket (no cape la *blushing) tied around her neck, hanging on (dearly) to the aerial and looking up to the sky with a pose oozing patriotism. (Star Wars theme playing in the background)