Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Starlite Seafood Restaurant at Bandar Hilir, Melaka

These days, it has become much of a chore to find a decent Chinese restaurant around Melaka town. Yeah, sad but true. Even the two superheroes' much fancied Restaurant Chin Chai no longer performs at the superb level it used to be. A change of cook apparently changed much of the taste of the foodie in that restaurant. And we can't be eating out at Madam Fatso's all the time, right? Haha. :p

So, Superhero Mum decided to pack us all in Superhero Bro Senior's MPV and guide the way on an experimental cuisine adventure to Starlite Seafood Restaurant along Jalan Parameswara at Bandar Hilir. You know seriously, Superhero S used to pass by this restaurant almost every single day since she was still in her diapers! Haha. Yes, exaggerated but that pretty much sums up how 'observant' the entire Superhero Clan had been all these while. *blushing*

Superhero Mum heard great reviews about this tiny place from some of her friends and decided to bring us along to try out the foodie there. We ordered our usual fare, to compare how this restaurant performs on our much loved dishes.

So to kick things off, here's the Omelette or 'Fu Yong' Egg. Most restaurants hardly go wrong with this dish, so it's just a matter of serving size. The ones here are really GOOD!! *drools* In fact, it felt a little like we're eating 'Oh Chien' or Oyster Omelette.

Then came the big star of the evening, the Steamed Jenak in Oil Sauce. I don't really know how to translate it in English, but in Cantonese, it's cooked in 'Yau Jing' style. The fishy was really fresh and the sauce was.... MmmmMMMmmmmm.......................... What can we say? Superb!! Haha.

Next was our family favourite, Sambal Kangkung Belacan! Tasted really good - spicy with a kick! Love it! But Superhero W commented that my version still triumphs over the restaurants. Haha. He's just all out to please me... *grins* And finally, Superhero S' favourite dish and a must-have, Claypot Tauhu or 'Sing Kong' Taufu.

The restaurants version came in the form of a little wok on top a small fire lit to keep the tauhu warm. So cuteeeee...!! Haha. The special thing about their tauhu is that they are all homemade and not bought elsewhere. WOW!! :p

The open air style ambience sure is traditional trademark of a typical Chinese restaurant, and sipping hot Chinese tea as we enjoy the nice, cooling breeze is really....ahhhhhh........beautiful! For one thing, the place IS really old, as you can see with their already aged waitresses! But the food here is certainly fantastic! Haha. There's only one cook, so be prepared to wait if you're planning to dine here. But any wait it definitely worthwhile!


YozoraNiteSky said...

these are the kind of food i like best.. simple, looks homecooked but tastes first class..*drools

twosuperheroes said...

Yeah, exactly! Haha.. nothing fancy but delightfully delicious!! yummm.... :p

Tekkaus said...

Hi my 2 superheroes. Sorry that i didn't come for a long time a'd. Buzy mah! ha =) anyway how is both of you? Hey, I think I have been to the restaurant before ler.

twosuperheroes said...

Hey man...no worries! Drop by anytime whenever you're free... haha... Yeah, this restaurant is quite famous actually. I'm sure you've been here! :p

sloppy said...

ahhh.....i crave for some o-chien now!

Leopard said...

Looks *very* familiar :D I think I've been here before. It's the one at the junction, opposite the Shell station rite?:P

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...sloppy...go get some then! :p

Yah, bro.. It's the restaurant that we pass by almost everyday since ages ago! Haha. The food there quite good, so nowadays we tend to go there rather than the Semabok Chin Chai already... :)