Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chocolate Dipped Waffle at Baskin Robbins

Some weeks before our romantic candle light-on-cake dinner for two, the two superheroes had flown to their favourite haunt, Sushi Zanmai at the Gardens to satisfy our cravings for Japanese foodie. However, this time around, we got clever and put ourselves on control mode and ordered just enough a portion for our tummy. Haha.

Yeah, so that means... we still have space for dessert! YAY! So after the fabulous meal at Zanmai, we were walking around Mid Valley when we spotted this...

OH! Baskin Robbins... *starts singing, "oooo what's your flavour...."* Haha. :p
Both of us turned to look at each other, and with a big big smile, we flew over to the Baskin Robbins to dig into some sinful ice cream!

We actually stood there to run through the menu for the longest time, and still couldn't decide what to order, until we saw the person standing right before us walking away with...

Haha. And that was how we decided on our ice cream. Yes, it's one of their signature sundaes, the Chocolate Dipped Waffle priced at almost RM20 after tax. Wow...RM20 for ice cream! Haha. Yeah, we weren't thinking straight at that time! :p

Superhero S went for their Chocolate Mint flavour while Superhero W went for one of their rich chocolate flavours. So here we have it, a double scooped ice cream on a chocolate coated crispy waffle, topped with whipped cream, even more melted chocolate and a cherry!

Stay away from this post if you're currently on a diet. Haha.
Well, I guess it's too late now if you're already reading this! *evil grin*. But hey, you can always head over to Gelato Fruity just nearby for some less sinful dessert. :p

So if you're asking us if it's worth it or not, we'd say "Fantastic ice cream, super rich and super duper fattening... but it's all worth it!". Haha. We got hordes of people staring at us while we were digging our ice cream. Every little kid, every adult, every single thing that walks! Haha. Hey maybe the next time around, we'll head over to Haagen Daz instead to try out their signatures. OH! *melting...*


dcyk said...

supes, u know that the baskin robbins in gardens is more exp than the one in mid valley? hahaha, i happened to look at the ice cream cakes there and at gardens i think it was 60 while at mid valley it was just 5 minute walk for a 15 bucks discount

twosuperheroes said...

wow...really ar?
How can they do that...and I noticed the one in the Gardens seem to have lesser patrons. More ppl at the Mid Valley one. Hehe. That's why we went for that one! :p

babe_kl said...

gosh really ka? lucky i like NZ ice-cream more, sum more got member discount :P

twosuperheroes said...

Haven't tried the NZ one la, babe...but it's definitely worth a try if you said it's good! Haha. We trust your taste. :p