Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chicken Rice Combo at KFC

One beautiful weekday, the two superheroes decided to fly over to the KFC at Kuchai Lama for some finger lickin' good bites. After a relatively long interval since our last visit here, we're both seriously drooling over the prospects of chewing into some sinful fried chickens! Haha. :p

Since we've already pretty much banned McDonald's due to it's massive price increase (crazy bloodsucker McD!), lunch at KFC suddenly seem like a much brighter choice. Relieved that the price of the foodie here in KFC isn't as ridiculous as McD's, we decided to get a little adventurous and tried out one of their new items on the menu.

Presenting... the Chicken Rice Combo at KFC!

Haha. But on the other hand, to play it safe just in case this chicky rice combo isn't as delectable as it looked, Superhero S decided to order Snack Plate as a back-up routine.

So, now if you were to ask me how the chicky rice fared, I would say it's actually not too bad. Though the rice is definitely not as fragrant as my subsequent attempts at cooking my own chicky rice (after adding the miracle ingredient, butter... all thanks to a tip by Paris! :p) it still complements the KFC fried chickys pretty well.

The soup is naturally laden with MSG, but the fried fish balls in halves are a nice addition. Superhero W actually kinda liked the soup. Haha.

The combo, priced at RM10+ after tax, came with a soft drink. And it was then that we'd realized that their cups have actually shrunk! In place of those usual large, thick paper cups are thin, plastic cups that are smaller in size. Well, during times like these when everything either gets ridiculously expensive or shrunk in proportions, it's pretty expected really.

Overall, we like the Chicken Rice Combo and definitely wouldn't mind going for it again. After all, the difference between the Snack Plate and the combo is just the chicken rice and the soup! The fried chicky is still the same! You can't go wrong with KFC's standard fried chicken. Haha. :p


foongpc said...

I don't know about you but I feel the KFC chickens are way too small to fill me up! haha! I only like the fried chickens in KFC and nothing else. Compared to McDonals, KFC sucks IMHO. Anyway, I try my best not to eat fast food cos they are unhealthy and full of fat and salt and sugar! Once in a while OK lah : )

twosuperheroes said...

We'd usually ask for chicken breasts because they're much much bigger than the other parts. Definitely no drumstick because it's so tiny, you wonder if they actually come from kampung chicken! Haha.

Tekkaus said...

I love KFC! The moment I sink my fangs into those juicy KFC, I just can't stop. MacD is...er...great. But KFC still tops the list. MacD will never ever able to replicate KFC's chicken be it the original or the spicy! KFC rulesss! =)

twosuperheroes said...

Wow, tekkaus...u have fangs?? Haha..Yeah, KFC tops the list for us too..High 5! :p