Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gelato Fruity at Midvalley Megamall

After downing our super sumptuous Japanese foodie at Sushi Zanmai in the Gardens, both the two superheroes and Superhero S' sister, Winnie suddenly had this ridiculous craving for ice-cream! OH.... despite being so full and all, we still couldn't resist the temptation of sinking our teeth into some icy cold dessert. Yummy!!

We initially wanted to fly over to Baskin Robbins to satisfy our sinful thoughts in Midvalley but somehow ended up right in front of Gelato Fruity. Haha. I mean, hey... on second thoughts, gelato has much lesser fat and is a healthier option compared to those ultra sinful Baskin Robbins right? *grins*

Can't help but be attracted to Gelato Fruity's constantly changing neon lights on its signboard. Cool... And there were so many flavours to choose from. We were looking at one shelf which houses all the bad bad delights, with all the super kau chocolate flavours, after eights, oreos and more.

Can I have them all??

After satisfying our visual senses with all the chocolatey stuff, we then walked over to the other display shelf where this time around, the gelato colours were so much more catchier!

Check out the purple colour! OH... I like... I think it's dragon fruit flavour or something. This other shelf actually houses all the fruity flavours. But well oh well, the three of us must've been thinking, "what the heck, since already going to makan "ice-cream", better makan the most sinful ones loh!" Haha. Right or not? *wink wink* :p

Drool baby, drool...!

Both superheroes shared one Chocolate gelato while Winnie went for their Oreo. I have to say, the chocolate one (that Superhero W handpicked!) is super duper rich! Very kau indeed the chocolate! Not bad... not bad at all.

The new ambassador for Gelato Fruity...

Winnie's Oreo tasted lighter than the ultra sinful choc gelato but still very delicious. In fact Superhero S actually prefers Oreo to the choc one. After eating too much of the choc flavoured gelato, it has to tendency to be too overpowering but the oreo flavour would still somehow make you drool for more!

OH we love gelato... MmMMmm.... Haha :p


YozoraNiteSky said...

ooo.. yes.. i have tried it and have voted it simply delicious and less sinful haha

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...very "quality" indeed huh... Next time must drop by there to get another bite again! :p