Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Uncle Lim's at Sunway Pyramid

A couple of weeks back, the two superheroes found themselves flying over to Sunway Pyramid. Since the big renovation of the mall and the highways began a long time ago, we've actually not been there again. And this is actually the first time we're in the Pyramid since the new wing opened. I must say, it's not bad indeed...! Haha. I think we're starting to likey likey this place again... :p

For every place we go, of course there will be a makan-ing session as always. Haha. And so, we decided to head over to Uncle Lim's for a light brunch, or so we initially thought. Located near the entrance of the Pyramid, no prizes for guessing why we opted for this 'kopitiam'. Being lazy superheroes, we couldn't bear to walk through the entire Pyramid to hunt for foodie and hence, settled for the nearest! Haha. *grins*

We've tried Uncle Lim's before this, and this is just a revisiting since Superhero W has not tried this outlet before. I have always found Uncle Lim's to be a better option that the now-horrible, Old Town Kopitiam. Yuck!

And so, for our light brunch, Superhero W decided to order his favourite Nasi Lemak...

...while Superhero S went for her ultimate favourite, their super big bowl Porridge. *wink wink*

The portion is still as big as ever. Unlike the disgusting Old Town. Superhero W's Nasi Lemak tasted really delicious, with a generous serving of sambal and a big piece of rendang chicken. And of course there's the usual culprits - fried anchovies and peanuts, cucumber slices and a boiled egg, halved. I could really see Superhero W enjoying his big plate of nasi lemak this time around, as compared to the very pathetic Nasi Lemak at Old Town. For RM7.90, it's pretty worth it!

As for Superhero S' big bowl of Porridge, it's still as good as ever. Topped with some yau char kwai, this makes a truly satisfying meal. The serving is actually big enough for two, and with lots of chicky bits inside, I wouldn't mind forking out RM7.90 for this baby. Haha. :p

And we figure, since we're in a 'kopitiam' already, sure must order some half-boiled eggs ritey? Haha. And so we did!

Their half-boiled eggs turned out really beautifully done. Perfect, I would say. Not too cooked, not too raw. OH, just look at the bright yellow! *drooling...* Haha. Simply irresistible!

For drinks, one Iced Milo for Superhero W and Iced Barley for Superhero S... :p

After downing all the delicious foodie, this is seriously not a light brunch! Haha. I'd say, the standards here still maintained, and we surely wouldn't mind coming back here again... and again! But if we were to return to Sunway Pyramid in search of more foodie, I suppose we should try out something else because I know that this mall is also a land of good food, just like the Curve! :p


YozoraNiteSky said...

oh yes supes.. Uncle Lim's getting my vote anytime as everything that i have tried there is yummy.. but my fav is still their nasi lemak.. daging rendang. i normally go to the one at subang parade and ikano..might just go there again since i am going to watch the X-Files with the Wong sisters haha

twosuperheroes said...

Oh, you're going to watch X-Files, dear Y? Tell us how's the movie yeah... Hehe. We might just want to watch it! :p

YozoraNiteSky said...

okie dokie supes.. will let you know what i think of the movie :)

cc said...

Yummy eggs! Just the way I used to have when I was a kid, using the coffee dish. :D

twosuperheroes said...

Oh yeah...truly authentic! Haha...Just slurp away from the coffee dish eh... :p