Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stirfried Spicy Kangkung with Dried Shrimps

As Superhero W has flown all the way back to his hometown in Sabah, Superhero S is left all alone for a week to fend for herself. *sigh* Lonely... I am so lonely... 'cos I have nobody... *sob sob* :(

However, despite being lonely and for the fact that it's only now that she realizes how much fun and entertainment Superhero W has actually brought to her life every day, she has decided to dig up her archive of photos that have yet to make it onto our blog, to write a post about Superhero W's favourite vegetable dish.

Stirfried spicy kangkung with dried shrimps is in fact possibly one of the simplest dishes to cook. I mean, any vegetable dish is simple to cook, no? Haha. Since we were lacking of the oh-so-essential belacan, this means no Kangkung Belacan. But still, perhaps we could just try imitating a little bit of the belacan taste for our spicy kangkung here. The magic ingredient? Just add dried shrimps loh... *grins*

As I actually prepared this dish in Malacca, Superhero Mum actually has this mortar and pestle tool at home for grinding and pounding purposes. So for a touch of authenticity, I decided to use that to crush the dried shrimps beyond recognition (muahahahaha....). As for the sambal, I always have my special home-made sambal paste at hand. Finely chop some garlic and you're ready to go!

my special sambal paste... *wink*

Heat up the oil and throw in the garlic. Once it's fragrant, throw in the pounded dried shrimps and stir fry for a little while before you move in with the sambal. Just a small spoonful of the sambal should do the trick. Finally, throw in the kangkung and stir-fry. Salt to taste, and you're ready to serve.

Simple but very appetising! *drooling...*