Monday, May 26, 2008

Jenahak Fishy in Abalone Sauce

Having mentioned that I'm stupid when it comes to naming fishys, I presume that the fishy I'm dealing with here is a jenahak. Haha. Please do correct me if I'm wrong. It's actually one of the two superheroes' favourite kind of fishys in the whole wide world! Haha. :p

And so, Superhero Mum knowing that the two superheroes are deprived of eating fishys back in KL, she decided to buy big pieces of jenahak for us. So touched...
Now we can eat more fishys because I'm kinda getting sick of eating chicky meat all the time. Now there's more variety to the daily dinner menu already! *wink wink*

Superhero Mum also bought for us this Abalone Sauce, which I have absolutely not heard of its existence till the day she brought it home. I only knew of the oh-so-common Oyster Sauce but never the Abalone. My eyes immediately lit upon hearing the word "Abalone". Ooooo....must be good!

Got all the necessary ingredients ready - finely sliced some ginger and chopped some garlics - and coated the fishy with some corn flour because Superhero Mum said so. She said the fishy would be more smooth when it's fried with the flour on top. Okay, whatever. Just follow the words of the wise people... *grins*

And ta-da!

My Jenahak Fishy in Abalone Sauce. I added some thick soy sauce to give the sauce a darker look. Haha. The Abalone Sauce is seriously not bad! Tastes totally different from the Oyster Sauce and I kinda like this one more actually. Superhero W, despite being a chicky fanatic readily accepts this dish! He can be rather choosy at times but so far, he's been a really good boy... :p

And here's the rest of the dishes for the meal. This is my Omelette with Shredded Carrots and Sliced Big Onions.

And here's the simple Stir-Fried Kailan... my favourite vege! OH....

This concludes yet another simple meal at home...brought to you by the two superheroes!

Noticed how banjir my Jenahak fishy is? Haha. My Superhero Mum would always complain that some dishes I cook have the tendency to be swimming in sauces! But I like the sauces... Both superheroes are the kind of people who needs to banjir their rice with lots and LOTS of sauce. It makes the rice easier to swallow. *ahem* No, we're not babies... :p