Friday, March 7, 2008

Now McDonald's drive-thru uses an Electronic Order Machine...

Don't you think it's just soooooooooo COOL??

It's one of those ultra cool gadgets where you get to talk right into the machine and place your orders!!! Warghhhhhhhhhh... Yes, and it looks something like this one here. :p

I've always seen Britney Spears talking into one of these when I'm watching E! News. And she would be placing orders for Burger King and stuff. Haha. Yeah. You can imagine the scene to be like the pic below. Just replace those 2 aunty waitresses with the cool ordering machine above and you get the whole pic. Haha.. :p

*pauses* Hey wait a minute! I'm not supposed to tell people that I love to follow all those twisted news on Britney Spears!!?? Haha.

Yeah, you can see that the two superheroes were very excited at the prospects of talking to a machine when we drove-thru McDonald's @ Setiawangsa. Haha. We went like "WOW...." *staring in awe* and then more "WOW....".

Superhero W is placing the order

Okay, so this thing actually looks like a monitor screen working real-time because you can actually see the person who is talking through this machine keying your orders. Thumbs up for the McD staff for speaking very clearly and being courteous enough to give us some time to double-check our orders on the screen display.

And then, we zoomed off to the next counter where we were supposed to pay. Yes. You just need to pay there and make your way to the next and final counter where you pick up your food. So there are 3 pit-stops altogether as opposed to the usual 2.

Superhero W ordered 1 Bubur Ayam McD for Superhero S and 1 Spicy Chicken McDeluxe Set for himself. Oh yummy!!! *drools*

Hey! I don't remember McD's drive-thru being so cool before this! Haha.

*looks at Superhero W excitedly* "So when are we going to drive-thru again??
Yeah, just so that we can speak into the machine. Hehehehehheeee.... :p

Oh. And just in case you have this sudden urge to speak into the machine too, you can always go to this McDonald's at Setiawangsa. The following map is inspired by KY's beautiful ingenious hand-drawn art. Haha. :p


David Cheong said...

lol it has actually been around for quite some time already! Most drive throughs already have it.

Haha don't mine me, during my college time I was a frequent McD goer at 1 2 am every night =p

twosuperheroes said...

Haha, David...there's a reason why we described this blog as "the dynamic duo's adventures in discovering food, travel, technology & life on Malaysian soil." Notice the food comes waaaay before the technology??? *smiles*

David Cheong said...

Hahahaha I so didn't notice that LOL!

KY said...

Hahahah inspired by my map? LOL

twosuperheroes said...

David, hahaa.. :p

KY, yeah...we can't help but be inspired. :p

Quickening said...

Heeeeeey!!! I haven't eaten a McD in so long! I must update with fast food experience with this new gadget! Thanks for reminding me!

twosuperheroes said...

Hurry Quickening..GO.. Faster get your McD today! hahah...You can do it! :p