Thursday, March 6, 2008

Famous Yong Tau Foo in Melaka - Round 2

The two superheroes were not satisfied with their Yong Tau Foo meal at Restaurant Tung Fang in Bukit China on Saturday. Since arriving in Melaka, they were in a Yong Tau Foo frenzy because they missed eating YTF too much! Haha... We're serious! :p

So on Sunday, we brought along Superhero Mum and once again, we ventured into a driveathon to Bukit Beruang, some 15 minutes away from home, which in Melaka terms is QUITE far away. Haha. That explains why we were lazy to drive there on Saturday. *grins*

The Yong Tau Foo at Restaurant Yuan Fang at Bukit Beruang is located very near to MMU. It's actually right at the corner of the row of shoplots near the turning into Taman Bunga Raya. This YTF stall previously shared tenancy with other stalls in a kopitiam along this street next to Bunga Raya. The stall shifted to this new location last year and opened their own restaurant, selling only YTF.

This YTF is actually very much related to the YTF we had in Bukit China previously. They're something like sibling-shops really. They have the same YTFs, the same noodles only their portion is MUCH bigger than the original in Bukit China. Even their soup base is better.

They are equally famous for their signature Tau-kee, all rolled up into little popiahs with fishy paste inside, and of course their Fried Fish Balls. We ordered 3 sets of YTF which comes with a bowl of noodles each. And yes, the portion for the noodles is also much bigger.

The only difference with this shop is that this is a self-service stall where you are supposed to pick your own choice of YTFs. The one in Bukit China does not have this service. You've gotta shout your orders to their ears and hope they remember them!

And we love the fact that we have full control of their famous Chilli Sauce! Yes, putting a big bottle of Chilli Sauce on our table is not advisable as we tend to DRINK the Chilli Sauce...!! Gotta banjir "flood" our noodles with the sauce and dip every YTF with the sauce in order to get the extra kick! :p

Overall, we think this YTF has gotta be the best one in Melaka for now. And it's much proven with the brisk business it enjoys, especially over the weekends. Yummy.... :p


Sleeping Princess said...

Hey, I eat this like, almost everyday last time! Nice!

Jasonmumbles said...

If you ask me, I generally don't like the YTF in Malacca. I prefer mine with pork inside.

twosuperheroes said...

Sleeping princess, serious? :p

Well Jason, strange it seems but I haven't encountered a YTF with porky filling...where can you get them? :p

Sleeping Princess said...

yeap. My house is just at the behind taman. so, eat there for convenience sake also. but now a bit boring d, hehe.

twosuperheroes said... that was like your usual hangout spot for breakfast lah..No wonder you get jelak of it! :p