Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Famous Yong Tau Foo in Melaka - Round 1

The two superheroes were back in Malacca for the weekend, returning home for the first time since our super 10 days holiday we spent here during Chinese New Year. Kinda missed everything RED in the house! Haha.. :p

The first thing we did when we came back home was to fly to our favourite Yong Tau Foo stall in Malacca!! OMG. We missed it sooooooo much!!! *drools....!*

There are actually a few nice Yong Tau Foo stalls in Malacca. We prefer the one near MMU in Bukit Beruang, but as Superhero W was too lazy to drive there so early in the morning, we went for our 2nd most-loved Yong Tau Foo stall at Restaurant Tung Fang in Bukit China instead. The two YTF stalls are actually related, only the one in Bukit China came up first.

Superhero S has been eating this Yong Tau Foo since her kiddie years. Yeah... no kidding! And has since discovered that the YTF they serve there has indeed shrunk over the years. *shakes head*

On weekends, people all over will be pouring into this Restaurant Tung Fang which also houses Chee Cheong Fun and Cantonese Fried stalls, besides the YTF stall. Better make your way early here because seats are rather limited in this kopitiam.

We went over there with Superhero Mum and ordered our usual fare of 3 YTF sets which comes with a bowl of noodles each. We would always order an extra big bowl of only YTF because it's really not enough just feeding on the 4 miserable pieces of YTF in the set.

Ta-da... check out our orders!

Their signature YTF is their Tau-kee, ingeniously rolled up into a small popiah-like shape with some fish paste inside. Truly a masterpiece! Their Fried Fish Ball is also one of their best sellers too. Sad to say though, all other choices of YTF are just mediocre.

But what makes the noodles and the YTF blend so naturally together is their famous Chilli Sauce! Seriously, you CANNOT and MUST NOT eat the YTF without this Chilli Sauce. Haha... This is the magical ingredient that will make your entire YTF meal satisfying... :p

The bill came at RM14. Yeah. You read it right. Haha. That's why we love eating in Malacca. Soooo cheap! But somehow we did not feel as full as we did in the past. Sigh... The portion is surely becoming smaller and smaller these days. The food is good, but we're not entirely satisfied. Haha. Nope, not even with Barley drinks and a hot cup of Nescafe.

Arhhhh.. !! Gotta have the Yong Tau Foo in Bukit Beruang!!!! Haha..

Check out Round 2 in our Yong Tau Foo frenzy over the weekend in Malacca, NEXT! *wink* :p


YozoraNiteSky said...

Wah...i so wanna go to this YTF place to eat..i thot they only had this yummy food in Ipoh.. but these looks as good..Superheroes..if only you would organize a makan weekend to Malacca.. many will go..and maybe we can meet up the other malacca bloggers too.. won't that be FUN :D

Big Boys Oven said...

wow! did not know the is such goodie food in Malacca, will defintely head to this place the next time I am there! cool!

Jasonmumbles said...

Heh, at night, this place serves quite decent wantan mee too! :D

twosuperheroes said...

Haha... Wah. Organise trip down to Malacca?? haha.. *gulp* Well, there IS a lot of good food over in Malacca. Haha. So I suppose a foodie trip should be quite worth it. Come... we bring u go makan the YTF ok? :p

Hey big boys oven, yeah...Malacca is blessed with lotsa good foodie. Hehe... yeah, you should head over there and try it! :p

Hey Jason, yeah..I know the wantan mee stall. My entire family used to eat there quite often. But the wantan mee there is like kinda soggy and oily sometimes. So the family started being health conscious and well, we don't frequent it anymore now. *sigh*

anthraxxxx said...

I don't like the wantanmee people. Damn freaking lansi people. Boycotted it long time ago. It's not the only place in malacca that serves good wantanmee.

twosuperheroes said...

hey anthraxxxx, so where to find good wantan mee in Malacca?

Jasonmumbles said...

Haha. It is still that oily and soggy, I think. There's another one that serve decent wantan mee too, at the opposite corner, near Golden Mansion Restaurant.

anthraxxxx said...

Since taste is pretty subjective, my personal favorite wantanmee would be the one at Bunga Raya, beside the oh jien stall. Meanwhile, I like the YTF at Taman Malim Jaya. They are selling in the Malim wetmarket.

twosuperheroes said...

Hey Jason, yeah...I know that one too. Heard they're quite good and the serving is quite big too. Tried once a long time ago, so I couldn't really remember the taste. Maybe I should try that again eh. :p

Hey anthraxxxx, but isn't that wantan mee a bit unhygienic? I mean, they literally cook it by the side of the busy Bunga Raya road. But the fried oyster there is famous too rite. :)

anthraxxxx said...

Bunga Raya road is not that busy at night. If you are speaking of hygiene issues, the oh jien stall is even dirtier but people still flock that place. It's famous but imho, i think it's overrated :)

twosuperheroes said...

yeah..can't be expecting much on the hygiene from roadside stalls rite..hehe.. :p