Monday, March 3, 2008

Congratulations to Andrew Ooi (and OMG! PR 3 oh...)

The two superheroes would like to CONGRATS Andrew Ooi for taking the throne once again in our Two Superheroes vs. Andrew Ooi Blog Competition. We've decided to play it on a much lower key this time around but that doesn't mean that this competition is not important to us! Haha.

It's been an honour fighting with you, Andrew over the whole of February 2008. We can't wait to see how many kilos you've gained after having to indulge yourself in a food feast just for the competition! Post your pics larrr. Haha. Yeah. We're evil... Muahahahahaaa.... :p

The competition has been tough since Day 1 because we know what Andrew is capable of. This man can drive traffic into his like nobody's business whenever he wants to. No joke!

The fight ended with Andrew Ooi winning with 2,855 against The Two Superheroes' 2,706. Yeah. We would say that it's pretty near but then, like what Andrew mentioned, a win is still a win! *grins* Just like our past competition against Andrew in Nov 2007, this competition has taught us a lot too! :p

And we only got to know from Andrew's post that our PR just went from 2 to 3 yesterday!


WOW... We've not given much thought to our PR for quite some time now since it's been stucked at 2 for a few months already. And now it's 3!! haha... Thanks, Google! *smiles*