Friday, March 7, 2008

Didn't know I can get goosebumps from politics. All thanks to 5xmom.

A Tale of Two Superheroes is never and have never been a blog that talks about politics. But after having read 5xmom's inspiring post about the recent episode in politics that rocked Penang, I gotta say we were really really surprised. And I have this really strong urge to share this because that was one very well written post.

I was surprised to see 30,000 Penangites dressed mostly in RED coming together for the opposition's talk regardless of rain or no rain. I actually get goosebumps when I first saw the picture which can be viewed from Malaysian Insider. You can actually get more links from 5xmom's post.

The sea of crowd in mostly red strangely reminds me of the one very very awesome scene from The Lord of the Rings II : The Two Towers. Remember the scene when the camera looked down from Saruman The White's point of view to a ridiculous crowd of computer-generated orcs from his tower? The newly-bred orcs were supposed to bring doom to the world of mankind.

That scene brought chills down my body, just like when I saw the picture of the crowd in Penang. Only this time around, the crowd wasn't some computer-generated gimmick. *sweats*

Happy voting to all Malaysians tomorrow.


Philip Yong said...

This shows the spirit of Malaysians!

twosuperheroes said...

Yes, Philip. "Malaysia Boleh!" :p