Monday, February 11, 2008

Left cold and naked...

This is officially Superhero W's first CNY with Superhero S's family, so gotta flex some muscles and be useful to give a good impression uh. :p

So we decided maybe it's time to paint our three room doors that have been left cold and naked for years... Oh dear. The guy who was supposed to fix the door and do the paintwork somehow ran away, leaving the job unfinished. Maybe the ah long got to him or something. Hmmph.

Since it's Chinese New Year, we've decided to paint the house RED. Haha.
Heck NOOOOO!!! I can imagine Superhero Mum screaming. Haha. Bluek.

Nah, PINK should do the magic! Yeah. Pretty pink. So, we did "community service" for Superhero S's house and painted all the 3 doors. This is Superhero S's first painting job and somehow she had earlier thought that painting doors is like painting with water colour... *sap sap sui* (easy job) Haha.

We didn't expect the painting job to actually last 2 days!! 3 doors = 2 days! Gosh. Superhero W had to run to and fro the hardware shop to buy extra paint and thinner 4 times because we couldn't estimate the right amount. Kesian...And we had to try so many times to get the paint-thinner equation right! :p

But after lotsa pain and sweat, we managed to transform our lovely doors from THIS...

to THIS...

Not bad for amateur painters eh. *wink wink*