Monday, February 11, 2008

Ice cream therapy -- it WORKS!

On one fine afternoon while the two superheroes are still away in Malacca celebrating Chinese New Year with the family, Superhero S woke up to a nice, slurpy surprise...

Oh yeah...YEAH BABY, yeah...

Now that's what we're talking about! Ice cream therapy on a hot hot day. Hehe. Yummm...
Superhero W bought a small pint-sized Wall's ice cream and was happily holding it protectively while digging into the ice cream.

One mouthful...two mouthful...Ahhhhhhh... Imagine the cold chunk of ice cream slowly melting in your mouth... :p

Not wanting to lose out as a "test subject", Superhero S quickly took big mouthful of the Wall's Sundae Chocolate as well. Judging from the size of the pint, the ice cream is really quite worth its price of RM4.99 actually. The same price as 2 Nestle drumsticks! Hehe. Yeah, we did our research. *grins*

RESULTS: Tried and tested - The ice cream therapy definitely works well to brighten up our day for the new year! We became little kids again, eating our chocolate ice cream and smiling all the way...Ahem. And as for the calories, don't think about it lah. Hahaaa. :p