Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Looks like people are getting richer this Chinese New Year

While spending our Chinese New Year at Superhero S's home in Malacca, the two superheroes found out one surprising truth about the people these days.
Looks like people are surely getting richer this Chinese New Year eh... *grins*

So far, the minimum $$ we got for our angpow is RM5. Hey, that's like more than 50% increase from last year!! I remember getting RM2 last year as the minimum. Yeah, I know it's pathetic. But people give already, don't tell me I should go and tell her, "Eh Auntie ar, your angpow only RM2 ar? Why you so kiam siap?? Then start singing to her face "Gimme gimme...gimme MOREEEEE..."

Thankfully this year, we received lots of RM10 angpows (like that mah...now we're talking MONEY *wink*) despite the two of us being big babies. Haha. People give, we take lor. Impolite to refuse other people's sincere token mah... But still cannot fight Boss Stewie's average of RM20 per angpow eh.. :p

Pretty good "income" this year I would say. But somehow, it's making me worry a little. Haha. I'm afraid to imagine the amount I would have to give by the time I would be giving out angpows to other kids. Maybe by the time comes, taking in consideration of the inflation and all, RM50 would be the least per person eh. Fui-yoh! *gulp*

I tell ya, when that day comes eh, I would rather just pack my bags and go holiday with my family during Chinese New Year. Lari lahhh...apa lagi??? Haha. :p


anthraxxxx said...

maybe behind this richness, there is a huge debt awaiting because of its superficiality hehe.

Falcon said...

minimum RM 50..pokai lah..die lah..lol

Quickening said...

It's 2008, man... prosperity year, Year of the Rat, everybody must fork out a little extra to celebrate prosterity.

Don't worry. Maybe in 20+ years time, our economy booms and even $10 can yet you a 3-course meal.

Well, we can just dream about it, can we? :D

twosuperheroes said...

Hey anthraxxxx, well I certainly hope not..haha..All the best to them laa.. :p

Hi falcon, yeah..sure die uh..that's why better larikan diri and go for a holiday instead! :p

Hey quickening, yeah ritey..RM10 for a 3-course meal? boleh..cook at home ar. No need to wait until 20 years later. Hehe.. :p