Saturday, February 9, 2008

What to do with lots of China Arrow Roots during CNY?

During pre-Chinese New Year grocery shopping, you will surely see a whole lot of this.

Yeah. THAT. Haha...If you have no idea what that strange looking thing is, well those cutie cutie things are called China Arrow Roots. Beneath all the dirt, they've all got the most seductive sexy curves and fair complexion ever... :p

So why the spotlight on these China Arrow Roots? Well, looks like this year, Superhero Mum has decided to make lots of crackers or keropok from those cutie looking roots. Didn't know where she learnt it from but judging by its wonderful scent, it's smellin' good for the homemade crackers.

Superhero Mum patiently scraped the roots down to its naked skin and sliced 'em to thin pieces. Soaked 'em up with some salt water and they are ready to be deep-fried. And the results??


Sure looks good. The two superheroes have already wiped out most of the stock before Chinese New Year. They are delicious! Very crispy and there's also the really natural sweet taste to it that when combined with the slight hint of salt, they sure taste damn GOOD.

Superhero Mum is thinking about expanding her China Arrow Roots business for Chinese New Year next year! Haha....Anyone interested to place orders? :p