Sunday, February 3, 2008

The famous Hilton buffet breakfast...

Early morning in Kuching, the "tambangs" are already in action! All early risers...

The two superheroes thought they were early. Tak sangka got so many people MORE early than us! kiasu wan ar??!! Haha.

The Waterfront Cafe @ Hilton Kuching was flooded with quite a lot of ang-moh tourists. We looked like the only two Asians there! Hehe. Since the two of us were like excited Energiser bunnies hopping around the food paradise in Hilton, we grabbed so much food and went for so many rounds that we couldn't bear to show you how big eaters we two are..*pai-seh*

The exclusive Hilton "couple" seat... Haha. It's where we sat throughout the food marathon.

Seriously. You wouldn't want to see how high the mountains of food were on our plates. Haha. Nasi lemak, fresh made omelettes, chicky and beef sausages, samosa, spring rolls, roti canai with dhal, waffles with lotsa maple syrup, fried noodles, beef rendang, porridge with preserved vege and lotsa "yao char kuai"...AIYOH...and many many more...HAHA.

The fruitties Superhero W took to allow Superhero S to sh*t easier...Best...!

But then again, of course we won't disappoint you without any photo of the Hilton breakfast eh? Nah. Here it is...the only quite untouched food on our table! No. Not the fruits. It's the bread! (though Superhero S did wallop most of it later on... :p)

NEXT: Help! Our tummies are gonna burst! Haha..MORE FOOD ahead... :p