Monday, February 4, 2008

Famous Belacan Bee Hoon @ Kuching

Wow. Up till this moment, all the two superheroes have been talking about is food, food and MORE FOOD! I feel so fat. Haha. Never mind since it's a holiday! Eat first, think later! :p

Thanks to our Super blogger friend, Dreckker who brought us around Kuching for the best food around, we landed ourselves in yet another famous Kuching cuisine - Belacan Bee Hoon. Kinda new for the two of us since we've never had this before.

The dish is rather "banjir" or watery, but not soupy. And there's a huge portion of cuttlefish, thin slices of cucumber and LOTSA thick belacan sauce on top of the bee hoon. Yeah. No kidding.

I can't describe to you how it actually tastes like, because there's a mixture of every taste here! Haha. But one thing's for sure, it's NOT spicy, but it sure tastes good. But I have a feeling that you could either love it or hate it. :p

After our meal, Dreckker brought us to another famous makan place ala Old Town Kopitiam, Uncle Lim's or even Kluang Station. In Kuching, they call it Kaya & Toast. Will talk about it, NEXT! :p


JenKin Yat said...

macam sedap

twosuperheroes said...

memang sedap bro :D... u've been kuching yet?