Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fabulous Honey BBQ Chicken + Sambal Baked Fishy

After our ultra mouth-watering Curry Chicken Noodles at Memories @ Kuching, the two superheroes went for their next food feast marathon at Peach Garden! Thanks to Dreckker, he recommended this place for their wide variety of hawker food. :p

Initially, he wanted to bring us for seafood cuisine, but since Superhero S is allergic to seafood (hai...........) that plan is a no-go. But then again, Peach Garden offers us a great variety of food too! So, it's all good. :p

We ordered a big plate of Honey BBQ Chicky Wings, yet another big big piece of Stingray baked in Sambal sauce and a plate of Char Kueh. Finger lickin' good! Haha. That must be the BEST EVER chicky wings we've eaten. So moist and the sweet honey taste really seeped into the meat! Very well marinated and so succulent. Oh damn nice ahhhh!

The Sambal Baked Fishy was huge too. Superhero W knew I liked Ikan he chose an XL sized one. It was great. The fishy meat tastes fresh and the sambal is seriously good. It's a a perfect combination of sweet, salty and not too spicy...which is really GOOD... :p

The Char Kueh was not something new for us since Malacca is famous for Char Kueh too..hehe..But this Kuching one tasted kinda good too. But I guess I would still go for my Malacca version. Dreckker, you should try it! Haha.

Got to know from Dreckker that Kuching doesn't have mamaks. And the people there lepak at these large open air food courts till late night for supper and football matches on projector screens. Okay. Haha. Cute. :p

NEXT: More food feast for the two superheroes in Kuching. We can't stop eating!!!! :p