Friday, February 1, 2008

Andrew Ooi, you're still our sifoo...

Dear Andrew sifoo,

After reading your Blog Competition results, the two superheroes felt so touched and nostalgic. Haha. We missed those days in Nov 2007 when we pitted our A Tale of Two Superheroes with your Hehe.

I remember the two of us superheroes die die also sanggup go to the cyber cafes in Malacca and sometimes even at night in KL (before our Maxis Broadband days) to go online to ping our posts or to publish new posts. Wow. For the sake of competition mah. Haha. Thinking back, we have to thank you too for pushing us to work harder. :p

What to do... If never work harder how to even compete with you?? Hehe.

We're not flying yet, haha. Like what Superhero W said, we've been eating a lot these days. Sudah gemuk and heavier already oh! How to fly?? Hehe.

So let's see what happens in February yeah... *wink wink* :p

Yam Seng, (people usually put "Cheers" mah :p)

The two superheroes