Friday, January 11, 2008

Should you go get MAXIS USB Broadband?

The two superheroes figured that since many people were curious about many many more things that we did not mention in detail about the Maxis USB Broadband, we'd write you a simple review! :p

The price : 1-time RM100 non-refundable start-up fee, RM138 every month

The connection speed : top speed 3.6Mbps (3G connection - UMTS/HSDPA); occasionally, we do get the EDGE connection, something like 236kbps but then it would suddenly switch back to the 3G connection a few short moments later.
(Your PC will detect the connection as 3.6Mbps and Maxis dashboard would say you're connected using HSDPA speed. But I've done some checking with, the highest download rate I've experienced so far is around 1218Kbps = 1.2Mbps. On the average, it's around 904Kbps which is still okay for us)

Stability of the connection : We do get disconnected once in a while, not very frequent though. But with just a click of a button, we'd get re-connected almost immediately to 3.6Mbps. Not a problem for us, I suppose.

User-friendliness : I would say it's quite user-friendly. Very simple and straightforward functions and instructions. It works just like a thumb drive. Plug it in, the PC detects the hardware, and another click or two, you're already connected. Pretty quick actually.

Additional perks : This modem actually works with a 3G SIM card. Which means, it actually has a real MAXIS handphone number to it. I've tried SMS-ing to the number, and it enters the message box in my Broadband's "dashboard". The manual mentions that it has a voice mail function too...which could probably mean that people can call that number, but naturally it would enter the voicemail (haven't tried this out ourselves yet)

In a nutshell : Not bad larrrr....Seriously, after how badly we bashed up Maxis Broadband the last time (this is to tell you we're not biased). Judging from the performance of our Maxis USB Broadband, it's quite worth every penny. You could say we're satisfied customers! Haha.

But then again, different location = different connection speed and all. It really depends a lot on where you are. :p

RATING : Maxis USB Broadband Coverage (Old Klang Road = 7/10)


SEO Engineering 101 said...

it depends on the line of sight and many other issues, like if you have wifi or a DECT phone at home someone within 25m uses it...
surely it will drop.

Also, if you are lucky, the first 10 hops are to the NTT or STIX Exchange in Time.NET servers in KLCC, then it has to go thru TELEKOM etc.

Coverage still have a long way to go.

Best regards

azrin @

twosuperheroes said...

hi azrin, yeah of course there's still room for improvement for every single thing in the world. Haha...No one gets satisfied that easily.

But then again, judging from what we have at the moment, it's fine with us (for now! :p)

hcfoo said...

if I'm not wrong, those staying in high rise building can't get any connection. Correct me if I'm wrong.

twosuperheroes said...

hcfoo, yeah you are right in a way. Maxis Broadband (not the USB one) does not work well (or maybe not working at all) above the 5th floor in any apartment.

However, supposedly, that's also the case for Maxis USB. But thank god for us, even though Superhero S lives on the 11th floor, she is still able to receive 3G connection. Phew!

Which brings us to the conclusion, different location = different connection.

JASON said...

aiks, u stay so near me. DG really screw up here

twosuperheroes said...

Really? Don't know about the coverage of other telcos..haha.. But Maxis is not bad here.. :)

JASON said...

dg is so bad that i was abt to bring them to tribunal