Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pacific West black pepper fish fillets - APPROVED

Thanks to our cutie cutie sweet Yozoranitesky for recommending this on her Shifting Sand blog, the two superheroes decided to try it out themselves! :p

And............ it turns out to be YUMMY!!! :p

Wow. I'm amazed frozen food can turn out this good. Didn't require a lot of work really. Just wait for it to defrost, pop it in the cooking oil (we didn't even let it swim inside the oil / "deep fry") and just flip here and there, and voila!

The end product turns out to be beautiful golden brown, crispy on the outside and surprisingly moist on the inside. Not too dry or anything. And the portion is quite big actually (for us lah.. :p) There's like 5 fillets in a box, priced at RM13.50 or sth. Quite worth it really.

Now we can eat more fishy at home! Hehe. *drools...* :p

P/S : Sorry we couldn't get you any photos of the end product. Superhero W was too hungry and gobbled it all down before I could take any photos of it! Haha. :p