Monday, January 14, 2008

Special BURGER with curry powder & Maggi seasoning

Oh yeah. You read it right.

Curry powder and Maggi Seasoning.

This is THE BEST burger (outside McD & Burger King) the two superheroes have ever eaten and will always remain as the one burger that we can really eat almost everyday!

Not even Ramli burger can fight our favourite burger in Taman Desa, off Old Klang Road. Since it doesn't have a name, we've decided to call it our Burger Taman Desa. :p

Now what's so special about this burger is that the "bro" making the burger actually adds a dash of curry powder and light sprinkles of Maggi seasoning to spice up the taste of its burgers.

Try their burger daging / ayam special (special beef / chicky burger) and we guarantee you'll be wanting more!

Yummmmm.... Haha.. :p

P/S: But not this "burger" ya.. :D ( he looks like a burger if u look at his ultra chubby cheeks..!hehe )


kenny said...

how many times do you lame asses need to flood pps with you pings? if nobody wants to read or comment then too bad la.

btw your site sucks

*i know the reason comment moderation is on is because u scared of comments like this that tells the truth

twosuperheroes said...

hey kenny, thanks for visiting our blog. Well, somehow it seems that no matter how "sucky" our blog seems for you, you still managed to find time to drop us a comment! That's really nice of you.

Oh btw, we would appreciate it if you could mind your use of language here (no FOUL language please, i.e. "asses"). This is a "U" rated blog. Thanks!

jam said...

We can also make it ourselves. I believe it will taste even better!

twosuperheroes said...

hey jam...hmm..making it ourselves eh. Sure, could try it out one day. Haha. "Home-cooked" food always taste better somehow rite?? :p