Tuesday, December 4, 2007

If you LOVE YOUR PET, pamper them!

The two superheroes are really amazed at what's available for our pet friends these days. Pets of late are really receiving that tender loving human treatment and care, with branded pet clothings, pet mansions, pet bling-blings and gemstone collars and now... guess what?

We can even give them little personalised gifts to pamper them!

WOW. Even I don't get this kind of pampering from my parents! Haha. But it's all good. Check out these lovely pet gift baskets you can present to your pet companions! Inspired out of their love and appreciation for pets, the PAWS Fifth Avenue™ Pet Gifts and Pet Gift Baskets has created a collection of keepsake pet gift baskets especially for your lovely pets!

When the occasion calls for it, such as when you want to celebrate your pet's birthday or when they've just given birth to a family of cute puppies, these pet gift baskets will do wonders to get your pet happy and running again! And by the looks of the gift, with cute ribbons and colourful packaging, it will even cheer up the owner's day!

Makes us wanna grab one for ourselves too even though we don't have a pet! Haha.. :p