Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Check out this SUPER CLK (very funny!)

One day, an uncle was driving on the highway in his CLK (cute little kancil) when the engine started to choke. He quickly stop the car by the side just in time before the engine died off. So, the uncle opened the hood and see la.

Just a few minutes after, a young man was cruising in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 5 on the same highway. He quickly spotted the broken down kancil with the uncle standing beside it alone. Being a kind man, he pulled over right in front of the kancil to offer help.

Having very little engineering skills, the young man couldn't fix the problem. The man then came up with a brilliant idea. He told the uncle that he has a cable in his boot and offered to tow the kancil to the next toll house where he could get help.

The uncle agreed to that idea. The uncle also added that if he feels that they are moving too fast, he would flash the young man and also use the horn. So, the young man secured the kancil to the back of his Evo using the cable. And so, the young man drove off pulling the kancil behind it. At times when they were moving too fast, the uncle would give the man a horn.

After driving for a while, a loud engine roar approach from the back. A Ferrari was approaching the 2 cars. As the Ferrari came up beside the them, it gave a loud engine rev to challenge the Evo. With the flame of youth burning in him, the Evo driver downshift can rocket off chasing the Ferrari while totally forgeting about the kancil tied to him.

Just up ahead on the highway, a couple of police officers were performing a speed trap. They suddenly hear loud engine roars followed by turbo blow offs sounds approaching them.

Vrrrooooommm...........*kepish kepish*......

After recording the speed, one of the police officer quickly used the radio to contact the others setting a roadblock up ahead. Over over... this is checkpoint 1 calling checkpoint 2. Do u read?! There are currently 3 street racers heading your way at over 240km/h!!!

The first car is a red Ferrari, you can't miss it. Following closely behind is a white Lancer Evo!!! For the third car, you're not going to believe this. It's white kancil. I repeat, it's a kancil. It's drifting very closely behind the Lancer Evo. Not only that, the driver seems to be flashing high beams towards the Evo while applying horn to tell him to move away. I think it's going to overtake the Evo at the next bend...!!!


YozoraNiteSky said... next car is definitely going to be a white CLK...

twosuperheroes said...

haha...sure sure, Y..make sure you really get a white CLK ok..not the Mercedes one ok... :p