Sunday, November 11, 2007

Must eat THIS mee rebus!!

The two superheroes are in Malacca now...!!

So, yesterday morning, Superhero S's Mom bought for Superhero W his favourite Mee Rebus (noodles in thick spicy soup) for breakfast! Probably the cheapest & one of the best Mee Rebus in town (no kidding!)

The portion is very big and the soup is very thick as well. Lotsa ingredients included and OMG!!!! It's soooooooooooooooooo cheap!!!
Tell me-lah..where in the world can you get an XL bowl of Mee Rebus for RM 2 anymore??? And the lady even has the medium one which is sold at RM1.50!! (*gasp! how to untung???)

The shop is in Bandar Hilir, a little coffee shop at the corner of the stretch of old row of buildings (houses /shops), the same row as the Convent Infant Jesus primary school...
Those familiar with Malacca town will definitely know this place...I mean, how BIG is Malacca??? :p