Saturday, November 10, 2007

My mom WASHED my bantal busuk..!!??

Superhero S's bantal busuk, Bonnie just died but came back to life again!
"I thought you had left me for good!!!??" *woo..woo...

Superhero S's Mom seized the chance when the two superheroes went out to search for their cyber cafe to do an emergency operation on Bonnie!!! OMG!

Bonnie underwent a quick surgery (done entirely without Superhero S's knowledge!) to regain a "fat" figure because all the cotton inside her (yes, the bantal busuk is a "she") has already been worn out after all these years...And she also got her sarung bantal ("clothing") washed!

Superhero S looks in horror at the bag of raw cotton lying beside her Bonnie!

<--- new bonnie (front)

new bonnie (side) --->

At that time, Superhero S's Mom was busy sewing back the operation's "wound", then turned to Superhero S and flashed her a smile... (*gasp!)

Woo...woo....Bonnie..... *sob sob...

P/S : Next time...keep your bantal busuk close! :(


Kitkat said...

Haha, your bantal can stand!

SilveRaveN said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! i cannot help but to laugh because i went through the EXACT SAME THING before...only when i was much younger lah.

now my bantal busuk is cotton-less again and the cloth hasn't been wash since...hmm, i forgot when.

anyways, i'm gonna keep a close eye on it when i go back home. :p

twosuperheroes said...

Kitkat, Superhero S's Mom stuffed her bantal busuk with so much cotton that Bonnie looks like she's got "6-packs" now! That's why can stand!! :p

Silveraven, haha! Oh yeah..can't believe you and Superhero S actually have that same cotton-less bantal busuk (that is before Superhero Mom did that operation on Bonnie! :p)
Yeah..better keep an eye on your bantal, k..Don't let anyone go near it! :p

YozoraNiteSky said...

Waaahh.. makes me think of my old one. Stopped having one since I went to study in australia.. i bet you australians have not seen such a "long" bantal before heehee

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..Yozoranitesky, Superhero S's bantal has sticked by her side through thick and thin! So no way she's gonna abandon it. Besides, having a bantal busuk is a really difficult bad habit to kick! So congrats to ya! *blush blush... :p