Sunday, November 11, 2007

Eating Cornetto Ice-Cream is good for you..! (Really!!)

Don't believe us?


This was what happened.

Yesterday afternoon, Superhero S was suddenly down is a stubborn lingering headache after eating her Superhero Mom's 2nd attempt at making curry puff! Even Superhero W had the same headache! (Amazing what curry puffs can do to you...! Hehe :p)

But strangely, right after we ate our self-prescribed medicine that comes in the shape of the cool Cornetto ice-cream...OH!

We recovered!!!! No more head ache!!!

Unbelievable..........! :p


L'abeille said...

Should've read your post earlier.. I gave XT headache tabs and never thought of Cornetto ler..hehe :p

twosuperheroes said...

haiya.. ok2.. next time when we post about cornetto and chocolate, we'll ping to u k :D ...

run X-T, run X-T..