Thursday, October 11, 2007

I will miss you, Murtabak!

With the month of ramadhan coming to an end tomorrow, so does the fate of our most-loved ramadhan bazaars...

"I will miss you, Murtabak!" exclaims Superhero W.
"I will miss you too! Eat us again next year same time, same season ok?!" shouts the Murtabaks.

While Superhero W mulls over his favourite murtabak ayam & murtabak daging (chicken & beef murtabak), Superhero S smiles in satisfaction over the great accomplishment of devouring all their favourite food in the bazaars for nearly one whole month.

We would like to thank the following for your noble sacrifices for our stomachs!

Murtabak ayam & dagings (roti canai-like, but with fillings)
Roti Jalas(string-like yellow flour weaved into a small bundle and dipped in chicken curry)
Kuih Kerias(miniature donut-like delicacy)
Karipap ayam, kentang & sardins(chicky, potato & sardine curry puffs)
Pari Bakars(Baked sting ray)
The mee & kuey teow gorengs (fried noodles)
Nasi ayams (chicky rice)

Roti Jala

Pari Bakars


and lots more...

See you next year at the Serdang & Bangi ramadhan bazaars! You two are the best!

BYE BYE...bye bye...byeeeeee!!!
(*heh Superhero W can concentrate on eating Superhero S's home-cooked dishes already!)