Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reply to "I want a GF! (Pls send me your photos)"

The two superheroes were shocked and pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming response (or rather traffic!) to our cute, little Baby3's request for a GF.

Baby3 was proud and happy to celebrate his overnight surge in popularity in the net. Haha!
However, no such luck with his new babe though. He's still searching for his babe but in the meantime, he's 'living the moment' in light of his new celebrity status!

Well, sorry to disappoint you guys who may have read this post out of curiosity for the atrocity of the title. We're pretty sure many would have thought "wah, this guy really got the balls to post this kinda request huh?!" only to be greeted by a cute, little pig. But anyway, it's all in the name of innocent fun and hope that everyone enjoyed reading it!