Friday, July 18, 2008

Super Double Cheese Beef Burger Wrapped in Egg

Haha. NO... that is not the latest McDonald's burger. In fact, this burger would definitely beat any double cheese burgers anywhere -- hands down! :p

The two superheroes decided to go Western today with a little experiment in making some home-made burgers. Well, not exactly burgers this time around because we actually couldn't find any of those burger breads in Tesco the last time we went grocery shopping. Must've ran out of stock. Haha. And so, we decided to go ahead with our trusted wholemeal Pita bread as its replacement! Wholemeal okay... don't play play. *wink wink*

For the burger patty, there can only be one name that we put our trust on. What else other than the infamous Ramly burger patties?! Haha. Oh yeah...

Taking inspirations from the now-defunct Burger Taman Desa as how we used to call our burger stall right in front of Superhero S' condo that sells the best burgers around, Superhero S decided to re-create the recipe. Haha. Well, the secret to his super delicious burger is actually in the use of... *ahem*... Maggi seasoning and curry powder! :p

And so, using a non-stick pan (finally!!! I don't have to struggle with the wok for this!), I fried my beef patties with some light sprinkles of the Maggi seasoning and some curry powder as well. Not too much, just a little should do the trick. Haha. And here goes... 4 patties for the two of us!

I'm actually going to do the patty wrapped in egg style a la Burger Daging Special since I wanted to stay true to the recipe. I also cut some fresh cabbages into thin slices to complement the "burger". For the double cheese effect, simply just add 2 slices of cheese in between the patties which should have already been wrapped in egg by now.

And... voila!

2 beef patties specially cooked with all the seasoning, wrapped in egg plus 2 slices of cheese, some cabbage and of course, the must-have Life Chilli Sauce -- all sandwiched between one piece of hot wholemeal pita bread cut into halves! So... what do you think?? Haha. Quite a mouthful, ain't it? :p

OH! Look at the melted cheese...!


One word to describe it.

The aroma from the seasoning and curry powder is absolutely fantastic and they truly complement the beef patties well. The hot pita bread was also a much better option than normal burger breads. Glad Tesco actually ran out of stock for those burger breads.

We also actually calculated the cost for each burger, and guess what? It barely even came up to RM2 for each of our super double cheese burgers wrapped in egg! So big and yet so cheap! Superhero W couldn't even put the entire "burger" into his mouth initially because it was probably the largest burger both of us have ever eaten in our lives! And once the whole pita burger sets in your stomach, you can skip dinner altogether already! Haha.


YozoraNiteSky said...

wah.. less than RM2 for a great burger.. that is fantastic.. maybe i will do that and stuff into by bento container and yummy

cc said...

Looks great! Love eggs and cheese. :)

p/s: Hello, first time commenting here. :)

twosuperheroes said...

yeah, dear Y...really cheap and filling! Haha. Imagine all the melted cheese with the eggs and the beef patty... Yummm.... :p

Hi cc, thanks for dropping by our blog! Yeah, we really love eggs and cheese... sinfully delicious! :p

babe_kl said...

wahhh so nice la. can place order or not???

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...yakah, babe?? Thank you thank you...terima kasih!
Next time when I make this super pita burger again will make extra for you and Y to try yeah..haha.. :p

Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

Egg and melted cheese......drool

twosuperheroes said...

Hi ms.____2 be, oh yeah...melted cheese and eggs, who can resist??? Haha. :p