Wednesday, February 6, 2008

OH gosh! My shit got caught in the hole

A word of warning from the two superheroes eh. Make sure you have already digested your reunion dinner before reading this post. This is a very funny post with highly explicit "contents". Haha... :p

After eating so much in Kuching, no matter how many times I shit, I still cannot shit finish all my shit. Unbelievable! Everytime I shit, there's still so much shit filling up the lubang tandas.

The last time I shitted, my shit actually got "tersangkut" or caught in the lubang tandas! I suppose my pile of moist chocolate cake was of such high quality that it simply refuses to get flushed down!

1st time flush, it hardly moved. 2nd time flush, the shit floated up for a while before sinking back to its initial position. 3rd time flush, my shit floated up again, this time...carrying the water level up towards the toilet seat. EEEEEEK!

This is baaaaad...I had to stand around the toilet facing the toilet bowl, making straight eye contact with my own pile of choc cake while thinking of a solution. How ah? *sniff sniff* Uh-oh. Running out of oxygen soon! :p

Desperate situation calls for desperate measures!

Ta-da! The MOP!

Now lemme teach you how to use this.

Step 1: Get hold of the mop (thank god there's a mop lying around somewhere's a BIG executive toilet mah) and do this...

Oh YEAH...

Step 2: Push push push...(got progress!) HAHA...push push push some more...this time, try to do it with a rhythm.
YAY!!!! It's going down...but somehow the water turned murky brown like Nescafe kau. Uh-oh. Looks like some of my shit must've disintegrated. Haha. :p

Thank you, Mr.MOP!
You saved the lives of many in the office from having to walk in to the toilet with a HUGE brown "muffin"! Muahhaha...

P/S : I'm terribly sorry for grossing you guys out..Haha..But we can't help it! It's just so funny that it got the two of us laughing so hard!!! :p
Just to mention that all the photos above are not taken from the real scene of action. And the murky water IS in fact just murky water. Haha.

Btw, Happy Chinese New Year everybody!
May you eat more, shit more. Thank you.


haan said...

u r really ...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raising Mercury said...

OMG!! SOOO GROSSSS!! gee people, too much information!!! i just ate dinner (yeah, i didnt heed your warning), just dropped by to wish you happy CNY! (but i got choc moist cake instead!) hugsss

Quickening said...

This is such... a colourful post! (hehehehe!). And here I was thinking of my own chocolate bun.

Please, please don't clean any more floors that mop. No amount of bleach can clean that memory from my brain.

And Happy Chinese New Year! (It's great to hear that you got fed well, thought actually SEEING it is... very colourful!) :D

twosuperheroes said...

Hi haan, haha..we know..we are really CUTE rite?? :p

Hey raisingmercury, thanks for your wishes. The two of us have been eating non-stop, more moist choc cake on the way! Haha.. :p

Hey quickening, your version is a choc bun eh. Interesting.. Thanks for the wish, you enjoy yourself too ya! :p

SilveRaveN said...

er...PLEASE tell me that you threw away the mop handle after you used it... (O_o)

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...what do YOU think, SilveRaveN?? We'll keep it as a secret ok? :p