Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Eating 1901 New York Chicken on Air Asia

As the final entry to The Two Superheroes' Travel Adventure Series to Kuching, Superhero W ordered a 1901 New York Chicky just to keep ourselves occupied with more munching on the flight back to KL. We thought we couldn't stuff anymore food inside our tummies. We were wrong! Haha.

Didn't know the 1901 on Air Asia is a self-service thing. Haha. You see, the hot "doggie" dog comes wrapped in aluminium foil. Inside, the hot dog is NAKED without any toppings! You gotta squeeze all the sauces on your own. Thank goodness for the instruction manual. Haha. It shouldn't be very difficult if not for the rather bumpy ride on our plane due to bad weather.

Nevertheless, Superhero S patiently decorated our 1901 hot "doggie" dog and here's the end result. Ta-da! Looks yummy right... *wink* Okay what eh.. :p

When the plane landed, we're overwhelmed with happiness that our holiday has brought us such a great time! Many many sweet memories, but then again, we can't wait to get back to KL! Haha.. :p

P/S: Oh, just in case if you're wondering how much it costs to eat the 1901 hot "doggie" dog on Air Asia...that's RM7 people...RM7...okay lah. Not too bad. :p