Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kuching, here we gooooooooo.............!!!

The two superheroes finally landed at the Kuching International Airport shortly before noon. Haha. Kuching, here we gooooooooo.............!!! *running around the airport smiling like idiots*


This is officially our first holiday together. A zillion thanks to our Super blogger friend, Dreckker who became the official two superheroes' tour guide during our stay there. We specifically told him to bring us for makaning marathon only. FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD. Thanks, Dreckker!! :p

So the first thing we did was to get out of the airport and check-in to our hotel. What other hotel to go other than.....

Haha. 5-star mah. Time to enjoy! :p

Dreckker picked us up at Hilton and we went for a yummy lunch at Madam Tang's. He told us this place is famous for their Sarawak Laksa. But told us that in Kuching, people usually have laksa during breakfast. Well, no matter. Haha. Anytime is the best time for the us two food addicts to mamam.

We ordered 3 large bowls of Sarawak Laksa, complete with large prawns that are sooooo fresh! Good stuff this one! We have never tasted this laksa before. Yes, not even in Laksa Shack. Hehe. It tasted kinda weird at first but the taste sort of grows on you the more you eat it. Tasted really really good actually! *drools...*

NEXT: The two superheroes continue their Kuching makan-ing adventures in more places to come! Stay tuned for more yummy yummy food! :p

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dreckker said...

well, really do hope you guys enjoy your trip in Kuching.

next time if you come over again, stay longer abit lahh... 2 days too short lahh...

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..dun worry, time we'll definitely stay longer than 2 days...! We enjoyed Kuching a lot, thanks to you! :p