Sunday, January 6, 2008

This was what Josh Lim said to me...

In view of recent events about what happened to Advertlets, the two superheroes recalled our one encounter with Josh Lim, the MAN behind the supposedly now-defunct Advertlets.

On Nov 2nd, 2007, A Tale of Two Superheroes went bonkers because of the Advertlets ad inside our blog. The loading time was indescribably slow, and a quick test immediately revealed the Advertlets ad to be the culprit behind it all. (see related post)

Went many times to the Advertlets website then but couldn't seem to get through. Strangely. Superhero W tried time and time again to fix the problem since he's our macho IT specialist (haha... :p) and after yet a few more days, our blog somehow recovered because Advertlets "recovered" too.

Josh Lim even sent us a short feedback to "address" our issue.


Josh Lim from Advertlets here. Where are you accessing from? We use Pingdom as well to test, and generally its quite fast.

Just tested, and your blog takes 2.9 seconds to load Advertlets (which is a bit slower than it should be, but still okay). However, there's this one file:
that takes 20 seconds to load! You might want to look into that. Alternatively, you can try rearranging the position of codes as the load order can also affect load speed.

We had a bit of slow loading time yesterday afternoon, but I believe the problem should be resolved by now. Do let me know at if you continue to face any issues. Cheers."

It's sad that Advertlets may have taken the quick exit out of the many payment problems they are having with many bloggers as what we heard. We have stopped our Advertlets ads since November because of its many problems that kept disrupting our blog.

But we sure hope that somehow on someday, Josh Lim would resurface again from all the rubbles and address the recent domain expiry problem which disrupted many many many blogs.


YozoraNiteSky said... wonderlah.. this morning when I tried to access my blog, 2secs into loading the page, it will throw me to page but hosted by adbaaz
2Fg7W9rFvotxmyltDnp07o%3D. No matter what I did, I could not load my blog :(

babe_kl confirmed it for me. No choice. My page is now "advertlet-free"

twosuperheroes said...

Advertlets seems to be having a big problem now..dunno what's up with them. It's good that you took our their ad. Play safe 1st...

I remembered trying to get into your blog and got diverted to that adbaaz also on sunday...bad bad.. :p