Friday, January 4, 2008

Horrible service @ Gasoline, Times Square

We needed to meet up a couple of our friends, Eugene & Valerie in Times Square for some discussions and we somehow ended up in Gasoline on the night of New Year's day.

Gasoline is designed to be relaxing and informal with small thin cushions as you will be sitting cross-legged on the floor in little rooms separated with nothing more than thin coloured curtains. After settling down, we waited for the waiter to take our orders.

5 minutes passed. Then 10. And still no response. Nothing! Wow.

Superhero W got up and had to make his way to the waiter to call him over. No amount of shouting would've worked anyway. Bad service.

We ordered, and after some time, the food finally arrived. Valerie ordered Black Pepper Chicken Rice. And the waiter read out her order as Mongolian Chicken Rice and gave us a plate of rice rice with some small chunks of chicky in some dark sauce.

We were puzzled. We told her we didn't order what Mongolian rice. She was like "uh? erm. Then this is black pepper chicken rice loh!"

We were all shocked. All 4 of us stared at her open mouthed.

WHAT THE ... ?? She then said "oh, those 2 dishes looked alike. I didn't know which one you ordered. Hehe." And quickly walked off.

Then Eugene's order came. The waiter read his order as "Kam Heong" Fried Rice. We thought we all heard wrongly. WHAT?? But Eugene actually ordered Sambal Fried Rice! We complaint to the waiter that it's the wrong order. He walked off.

Another 15 secs later, he was back with the same dish and proudly announces "Sambal Fried Rice". It was the SAME dish. What??? You think if you'd just walk off with the dish for a moment and then come back to us with a different name and that's IT? He claimed he had "forgotten" to ask the name of the dish from the chef. *vomits blood!*

Thank god the two superheroes ordered only Mango Shake. And that would be our LAST order from Gasoline. They really make us all wanna pour gasoline on the shop and burn it down! Sooooooooooo teruk!


Jasonmumbles said...

The Serdang branch is far better, really. I hang out there often because of its wifi. Heh!

twosuperheroes said...

haha..jason, don't even mention abt the gaswifi..can die. We got disconnected many many times.

Oh, but have to agree with you that the serdang one is better (as far as Superhero S can remember, since she used to hang out there often during her uni days) :p

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