Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why Google Reader is recommended by ProBloggers

Do you know why Netscape started the 'tab' browser?

Simple. It's because they want to give us full control in only one window and make it more easier to browse. So when Mozilla came out with the Firefox browser, it was a hit (becoming more popular than other web browsers) because of its easy tab browsing browser.

But, somehow.. when opening a lot of blog in one browser, we have to scroll down and read all the posting in that blog. If the blog is really neat, then it won't be a problem but when it comes to blogs with lotsa content, it becomes difficult to read.

So, where does Google Reader come in then?

Every morning, I will open Mozilla Firefox and click one folder to open all the websites that I always read in a few tabs. It includes Google Reader itself. Before I tried Google Reader, I used to open all the blogs that I like to read such as Just Sewjin, Liew CF, Andrew Ooi and a lot some more(u can view them at Our Recommended Links) in another web browser and I could sometimes open up to 10 to 15 blogs in one browser.

Then, I tried Google Reader and found that we can make a compilation of a lot of blogs. The blog contents are only in one site and one tab. The blogs have somewhat been "prettified" by Google Reader. I also like the way Google Reader handle all the posts using expanded view or using list view. It becomes easier for me to go through the blogs with all the title.

Right now, I've put 8 feed link to the Reader (and still expanding!). That's why experienced bloggers would always recommend blog readers to subscribe using any bookmarking services! :)

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Jasonmumbles said...

I have 90 feeds. :D

twosuperheroes said...

yala.. so long oledi in the blogosphere.. hehhee.. 90 blogs... if in Mozilla Firefox, I think your pc/laptop will auto shutdown.. :)

thanx to google reader :D