Friday, November 2, 2007

We ate McDonald's NEW Cornetto McFlurry again just for you!

The two superheroes just went over to McD Ampang Park today during lunch time to get the Cornetto Chocolate McFlurry again just to satisfy a few of our visitors yesterday (yung, this is just for you! and to the others who have asked for a photo of the real McFlurry too!! :p)

So you see...the two superheroes PURPOSELY flew to McD again just for our readers! Hehe..But of course we have been yearning for another since the first time we tried it-la! For those who have no idea what the heck Superhero S is talking about, see our related post ok??

Hey, only just now did we realize that the Cornetto Chocolate McFlurry even has little chocolate chips in it!!!! (omg....!) Well, the first time we ate it, it was at night and we ate it in the car after feasting on the Double Spicy Chicky McDeluxe and Spicy Chicky McNuggets. So, since it was dark, we couldn't really see what's in it other than taste the crunchiness of the Cornetto cone bits (oh.....nyam nyam!!! heh heh)

Just to capture the pic of the McFlurry, Superhero S had to coax the McFlurry to pose left, pose right, pose up and even pose down! And before we even took our first bite, our McFlurry is fast melting away already!!!! Hahahaha. Haiyah.

p/s : I just visited Yung's blog, and yesterday was his birthday.. hehe.. these picture are our present la.. :D


yung . said...

Lolz! Wei thanks a lot la you 2 superheroes! Damn those McFlurry looks good lah! Craving for one right now...

Anyway, correction, my birthday was yesterday 1st Nov, not today. Lol!

twosuperheroes said...

hahaha.. my bad.. :D maybe too excited want to share the mcflurry pic with u.. hehehe

nway, hope u get want u wish :D

L'abeille said...

Oui...I've a weak spot for Chocolates & ice cream...and both of you are making me hungry at odd hrs..grrrrr

twosuperheroes said...

Happy belated birthday to you too, yung! This is Superhero S. Hey..we are November babies eh..Cheers! :p

twosuperheroes said...

hiyah L'abeille, just go and eat that Cornetto McFlurry la..Eat and think later! Eating that McFlurry will do you lotsa good... Don't tahan your desire.. Just do it! Nike :p
p/s: yes, we're evil people! muahahahahahah...!