Friday, November 2, 2007

We accept your challenge, Andrew Ooi!

*Ting Ting! Round 1

Two Superheroes Vs. Andrew Ooi

The two superheroes literally karate-d Andrew Ooi yesterday (*clap clap...) 133 visitors over 55 !

Cannot be too happy first, we were just lucky! :p

Andrew Ooi is the sifu after all wat... (salute!)

In case if you're wondering what has happened, and what has prompted the two superheroes to accept a challenge from Andrew Ooi, we were challenged to a match btw blogs to see who has the most visitors for the month of November! (Aiseh man..this is Superhero S's birthday month..she's got good luck covering her whole body..even when she's typing the keyboard, her good luck is transmitted to "A Tale of Two Superheroes" too! haha :p)

So readers of our blog, stay tuned as we bring you the latest results in our blog fight! :)

P/S : Andrew Ooi even tried to piece our faces together by messing up with our avatar! (B+ for your effort there..but better luck next time! Muahahahahahha....) Don't worry Andrew, we shall meet up one day... :p